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Bee´s Wrap Sandwich er et godt kjemikaliefritt alternativ til plastfilm og har knapp og tråd for å holde arket sammen. Sandwich arket har målene 33 x 33 cm.

The Hive Box - Reusable, beeswax-coated food wrap for earth friendly food storage! This sandwich wrap comes with a sweet wooden bee button to wrap your sandwich up safely.

Let we learn some bee facts! Bees are amazing insects with a complex world of their own. Find out more about this amazing world, right now! Click!

10 Amazing Bee Facts

bee-keeping; i still have this smoker from my grandfather who was a beekeeper; dit heb ik nog steeds van mijn pake die imker was. toen ik klein was dacht ik dat hij van de maan kwam in zijn witte pak

i still have this smoker from my grandfather who was a beekeeper.

Government Grants for Beekeeping

Grants for Raising Honey Bees

Government Grants for Beekeeping, Someday, I will have bees and chickens.

Life Cycle - Good visual for children. This is very easy for your children to follow when you introduce them to the world of beekeeping.

Life Cycle diagram for children as an introduction to the world of beekeeping.

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There are so many fantastic benefits of making your outdoor living space more bee-friendly. Check out these ideas to start your own backyard beekeeping! ** Be sure to check out this helpful article.

DIY Mason Jar Beekeeping | Bees and Beekeeping Tips and Recipes | Pioneer Settler | DIY Hive Building and Beekeeping 101 at pioneersettler.com

Mason Jar Beekeeping Step-by-Step Guide

Skep comb.  The designs end up looking really weird.  Sort of like brains.

Urban Bees Then and Now

ancient bee keeping in a bee skep - various straw and wooden skeps filled with comb and honey

9" Polyhedron Sculpture, Brass

Crafted of brass with a gleaming finish, this sculptural polyhedron objet brings bold dimension and visual interest to any display.Gold Leaf Design Group is committed to introducing inspiring,.

Natural Beekeeping Resources

The Warre hive is a less well known method that's similar to the top bar hive in many ways. Warre hives require more work all at once, but less day by day.

Happy Easter

Russian 84 silver box in the form of an egg with inlaid garnet and applied bee and grapevine motif - by Pavel Ovchinnikov (elite auctions)