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It can take a lot to piss off a Capricorn but if you do it won't be pretty. Ain't that the truth.

Fun facts about your sign here

Fun facts about your sign here. True, I mean nothing to my partner of 9 years…

Sooo true.

Please take this with a grain of salt, guys! This doesn’t necessarily apply to EVERY Capricorn, a few past confessions inspired this!

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This is true I'm a Capricorn and I NEVER defend myself but see if ANYONE offends either my fictional characters or wee brother I go nuts and they wish they were dead

Some people need not speak, everything about their life! The less you speak and down grade everything and worst you make your self look the better off people will like you in the long run.

I'm open and accessible, still gotta lot of sag in me.but much more reserved than I used to be.

Fun facts about your sign here

Capricorns are the Perfect Combination of Tough, Sarcastic, Funny, and Ambitious