Penitentes en Cuenca, José Ortiz Echagüe, 1940.

Penitentes en Cuenca - by José Ortiz Echagüe 1940 This image was the last thing I had been looking into before I went to bed last evening, and I suspect it contributed in part to my dreams.


Catacombe dei Cappuccini, Palermo, Italy - Italy’s most ghoulish site, this crypt houses thousands of corpses, fully dressed and hung from hooks. Bodies are arranged by gender and profession; their facial expressions often eerily visible.

Satanic Altar -  really like the pentagram made up of bones, I think I'm going…

Luis from Barcelona // Sludge & Metal & tWhiskey & Whores & Hell & Outlaw Country & Desert,& Darkness & Satan & Doom & Swamp & & Stuff & WWII.

los amigos que siempre he querido tener

The Devil Rides Out, aka The Devil's Bride, Hammer Studios, starring Christopher Lee, Charles Gray. 1968 Richard Matheson script based upon the 1936 Dennis Wheatley novel The Devil Rides Out

payasos raros

WEEGEE Usher FELLIG Arthur H. (Poland) Title : Dressing room behind the circus ring Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Date : 1944 I need to be honest this is scaring.

A coven of witches meet in the forest

Would ya look at that! A coven of witches in the woods with all their clothes on. forest witches: photographer unknown, not credited in source, not identifiable in tineye search

I like my women like I like my roads, curvy and exciting.

thecolorsofmymind: Whatever road life takes you on, always be grateful for the journey …