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Create your perfect DIY Kitchen Island using furniture you may already have around the house. Re-purpose furniture into go great DIY Kitchen Islands.

Уже не за горами самый веселый и уютный праздник — Новый год. И пора задумываться над тем, как мы украсим свои дома. Ведь именно так рождается дух праздника — за приятными хлопотами. И поскольку мы очень-очень любим необычную и красивую посуду (как, надеемся, и вы), давайте посмотрим, какие идеи мы найдём в шкафчике с тарелками, чашками и т.д. Перво-наперво нам нужна елочка, правда?

Now a way to see all my trays. tarnished silver tray wreath - a very cool upcycle for the miscellaneous metal trays you can find at garage sales! You get the charm of a plate display but with clean lines - not visual clutter - genius!

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DIY Kitchen Island with salvaged wood


Made with old windows and barn wood as a kitchen island (I'd put it on wheels & find a nicer top)

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The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas Add some creative charm in your home with an old window! Here are some Repurposed Window Ideas that you can get inspiration from, for your

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Repurposed windows and chalk board paint. Inspiration for our old windows and stairway upstairs. Also hang black & white photos in window frames.

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Repurposed Wash Tub to Kitchen Island

repurposed wash tub to kitchen island, kitchen design, kitchen island, repurposing upcycling. Good for small spaces


Old Chippy White Window.repurposed into a shabby cupboard.with bead board back.I could use my old door with shelves behind it.

Love it-exactly what i want!

old screen door cabinet - would make a great pantry! Would also look good with a wood door cut in half for 2 doors. I'd say make this and attach it to outside of the house for an outdoor garden tool closet!