I just love that in Scandal in Belgravia, apparently Mycroft was like, Hm, I need Sherlock and John Watson at once. FETCH THEM IMMEDIATELY. And then someone told him that John was out of London and Mycroft has decided that it is so difficult to deal with Sherlock without John that they needed to send a helicopter for him. That is how much having John around improves the Sherlock experience. <-- I really love this

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson at Buckingham Palace. John to Sherlock: "Are you wearing just a sheet?" Sherlock: "Yes.

Jawn adds love <3

ugh molly, this isn't how jawn makes it, jawn adds love molly, god. (Ya know, ignoring the fact this is from A Study in Pink and before they were flatmates.

[gif] Mary and her boys. <3

9 'Sherlock' Season 4 Spoilers That Will Tide You Over Until 2017

I love Mary, but I don't trust this fandom any farther then I can throw it and I love this moment.but Mary has devil horns in this. There is also the Cam sending his regards at the wedding (initials for Charles Augustus Magnussen?

this is by far, my fav gif from the new ep. LOOK AT ALL THAT GOSH-DARNED SASS. LOOK AT IT!!!!!

Apart from the obvious kissy ones, I have to say that this is my favourite new Sherlock gif - John's 'did I just hear this asshole right?' face is perfect <--- Sassy John is back in full force.

Love it! Haha! I honestly wouldn't mind having Sherlock hanging about to ruin my dates. He's just way too entertaining.

This is great im dating John! And Sherlock is coming too! I could be sherlock's second friend!


Previous pinner said: I imagine that they would play hospital when they were kids and Mycroft would be the surgeon and would make Sherlock play the nurse. I also imagine Sherlock making this face a lot as a kid.