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I am not sweet OTP prompt (Clarita, turned at the age of 10-14, one of the city's most dangerous hunters, nicknamed the Red Lady of Sonora.)

I am not sweet OTP prompt<<< I imagined Klance. U know, person A is Lance, and B is Keith.

I want to own this store

This would be awesome! But they should also add a little cafe like target and have fandom inspired food so people can go their and talk about various fandoms<<< This would be sooo great. We could eat Pie after buying a trench coat :-)<<<Brilliant

Cyber Bullying #Humor <<Bullying isn't good, but I thought I'd share this for people whose parents think they are being cyber bullied

Yea I think they got the cyber bullying thing wrong. I'm not secretive people are just uneducated in the fandom life. That is not cyber bullying. That is a FANDOM.

Yes. Oohhh yes. I am a hipster and a fangirl and it is an explosive combo.

This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time


horrible to think about. You really can't forget fandoms that affect your life so much.you never can forget them.