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Lemme just say, if you didn't read that in her voice. Find yourself, sit down and read Harry Potter, then watch the movies. If you do that in the reverse order, you might as well make a horcrux because you just split your soul :)


Yeah I was discussing WWI and who was involved. and my World History teacher said "Bulgaria, where Viktor Krum is from" and everyone looked at me and her like we were crazy because we were laughing so hard.

Totally got my letter at 11!:)

So true! Everyone always says that I'm not a witch and I can't do magic, so I just say, "Filthy Muggle!

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I like to think that Dumbledore always kept doing little things to try and get Snape to lighten up and be happy, no matter how impossible it seemed.

Sirius agonizing over which dad joke to make, but then finding the perfect solution


You gotta love Daniel Radcliffe! The "that stupid attention whore" was kinda unnecessary but the rest of it is hilarious!

Cedric wasn't really surprised by  Harry's name in Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire, The Tri-Wizard Tournament, Cedric, Viktor Fleur

Nerd Girl/Potterhead Problems

Nerd Girl/Potterhead Problems- the first one is the most annoying thing on earth. As are the rest, but SERIOUSLY?