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Henry being distracted as always, and Charlotte knowing everything as always (she doesn't even have to look up from her paper!


“Alec getting a surprise visit (while being in job) by his cute lill’ warlock son, Max Lightwood-Bane magnus was teaching him how to make portals and he decided to pay his daddy a.

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cassandraclare: London, so a year after the events of City of Heavenly Fire. There are some clues in here for Dark Artifices and even for Shadowhunter Academy, so if you hate spoilers, avoid! * Art by Cassandra Jean!

Jem and Tessa

It said this later in the book if you paid attention :) It was so cute♡ I loved it. Why can't this happen to me:( Only fictional characters melt your heart;) Am I right♡// Tessa Gray // Jem Carstairs // The Infernal Devices

Clary - Runas - Cazadores de Sombras

Clary - Runas - Cazadores de Sombras


Alec and Jace in CoHF by Jingi; “Take only what you need: water, food, blankets, all that we can bear ….”<<<< omg this is hilarous

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Malec during fall season . Drawn by Cassandra Jean . the mortal instruments, alexander 'alec' lightwood, magnus bane

This so cute (: That part at the end though with Jem just Killed me...

This is soooo cute! I love it but the end bit kinda creeped me out coz Jems just watching them when they r about to do the frickle frackle.

Silent City or Bust. by on @deviantART (Inspired by Cassie comment about Will and Jem/Silent Brother/Brother Zachariah: "I always figured that once Jem was off being an SB, Will would spend his time making up reasons why he needed to see the Silent Brothers or visit the City of Bones constantly.  Will: I have cut my finger! I need to see the Silent Brothers!  Henry: Surely it will heal on its own?  Will: I AM BLEEDING OUT. TAKE ME TO BROTHER ZACHARIAH.")

The Infernal Devices- Depressing yet funny headcannon excepted. Will would go any lengths just to see Jem aka Brother Zachariah )