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Destiel<<<this is perfect, and so is that person they added a pic of(for the role) BEN BARNES

Winchester brothers... This fandom is killing me. I know I've said this before, but it going to be the death of me.

John Winchester's Journal + Supernatural "All Hell Breaks Loose Part One" [Intense emotion.] OMG, just rip my heart out all over again why don'tcha.

At first I was like, "Oh a cute story about Cinderella genderbend", then I was all, "NO OMG THAT'S DESTIEL!!" LOL XD:

I wanna say this is perfect for all my wonderful ships, but the handprint demands me to put this on my Destiel board.<-- It demands me to put it on my SuperWhoLock page.


I have one of those in my car and now I'm gonna think of this every time I see it! " Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly"

Edited for language

The family shirt. :)<< yeah saving shoulders, covering things, the family shirt.

Misha ❤️

There are so many weird random facts about misha Collins beyond this post. He is the most random man alive. I love it. Bless this man.

Misha with fan... I am overwhelmed by this man.

Misha with fan. I am overwhelmed by this man. He is such an amazing person!