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The creek beside your childhood home that always flooded...

A Great Old Southern Saying. Been around a long time.but still applies.the creeks do rise round this part of the country and when that happens, the Good Lord is not gonna let you get anywhere. Love the country sayings.

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Any kid can pitch a hissy fit but if your Mama is having a conniption fit, you better run and hide.

This one simple phrase can mean so much!  It can mean, she's so ugly - bless her heart!  Or she's so sweet - bless her heart!  Or she's naive - She's too in love to see that her husband is keeping all the whores in town in high heels and lipstick!  Bless her heart can be used for so many different things that I believe it to be the the most "Diplomatic" phrase in the entire Southern Girl's Dictionary!

bless her heart. These 3 words turn any judgmental comment into something sweet. quote southern sayings