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My husband asked BOTH OF my parents if they APPROVED of the engagement. Even if my parents said no, my husband fully intended to marry me anyway. Because I am not property. And my marriage is my choice.

when i asked my dad if he thought brad should have asked for his "permission", he looked at me like i was nuts, "i'm not marrying him! love my father.

Alice Eve, because if you are beautiful woman you must be stupid! What a utterly nonsence!

When Alice Eve (Star Trek : Into Darkness) was asked "Aren't you a little too beautiful to be a science officer?

The New Women's Movement: Archive

If your afraid of the word Vagina, that says it all. Biddy Craft/"A State Representative was silenced in Michigan for using the "offensive" word vagina when talking about abortion issues .

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You can't be annoyed at feminism being called feminism when the entire history of the human race is called mankind.

Evan Rachel Wood's Twitter rant about how the media censor female pleasure

Evan Rachel Wood's Twitter rant about how the media censor female pleasure


I used to be afraid of being labeled as a feminist. I have learned, though, that true feminism is about equality, not reverse domination and I am PROUD to be a feminist.

Sex education must include consent. And before some of my friends see this and ask me why I want sex education I'll ask you this: would you rather have an awkward class or get pregnant?

"Every public school should provide and require comprehensive sex education. Those classes should also cover consent.

A half-century after the events in my novel "Daffodil Sunrise," the battle's far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

This is not a war against men.

Unfortunately, today if a woman has a strong opinion or is passionately against something that people are passionately for, they are quickly labeled a nut, crazy or a bitch by men, and some women. Cheers to the outspoken women out there.

lets kick it ladies

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

Word. This Californian supports Wendy and all of the women in Texas whose reproductive rights are directly at risk because of this archaic bill. #standwithwendy

Keep your stupid religious based bullshit out of my government and especially out of my vagina.

...and the best way to do that is to get rid of the politicians who are trying to play doctor! VOTE the WOMEN HATING GOP OUT!

Remember this the next time they trot out some doctor who should have their license revoked, to lie about birth control & abortion.

You're welcome for all the things feminism has done for you.

I love when people say this, but if you believe women should have equal rights you're a feminist! People need to stop fearing the word feminist/feminism!

Michelle Obama, speech in Soweto, South Africa, June 22, 2011.  #feminism jempuddleduck

ThanksMichelle Obama, speech in Soweto, South Africa, June jempuddleduck awesome pin