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I will never stop re pinning this and singing it while I repin it lololololol

I will never stop loving Rap Monster! Love u Namjoon!

i wish

If I actually do this, maybe I'll really lose weight bts dieting tips

I wonder what are they talking about...

I bet this is Hoseok who caught them sharing Jungkook's nude pics to each other lmfao😂😂😂

I imagined in my head and it was hilarious because it's true

RM as a wrestler *hiphop is dead* JK as wrestler *sadistic mode on* and then there's Suga.so SWAG XD

aleatorio BTS (랜덤 BTS) - REACTION - ele cuidadando do.filho/a de vocês

Read 🐣Namjoon🐣 from the story ♚DADDY♚ →bts← by ImYourHopee (♥️αℓєχ♥️) with reads.

Jungkook is pretty quiet and somewhat shy so i can see why rm was surprised XD<<<--- You must be new to the fandom my dear, innocent friend. Jungkook is NOT 'quiet and somewhat shy' Just to clear that up for you.

really ARMY?


Poor jimin Jimin's face could be related to all my problems. out of chocolate. ill never meet my oppa. no big deal.


cries Han river "The main reason to love Kim Taehyung ✌" right into my heart