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Olson Kundig Architects idea for the Chicken Point Cabin was to create a lakeside shelter in the woods. This nifty little cabin features a large

Ummm, this is awesome

There are different kinds of fire places to rock, as well as they fit numerous kinds of style, space and decor. Below are some types of suggestions and also fireplaces, let’s see just what you can rock.

A wall of books. This is my dream home :)

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Lounge, a bit dark, but good ideas.

“ “ Brava Casa I love this mezzanine corner and the rustic wooden floors that contrast with the concrete flooring on the lower level. Of course, the Barcelona chair and Bourgie lamp don’t disappoint. - Brava Casa I love this mezzanine corner and the.

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Amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome. Unfortunately, you need a lot of money for all this stuff. Amazing design ideas that will make your house awesome.


theblackworkshop: “ Olson Kundig Architects - Shadowboxx ” wood on the ceiling, yes please

seperated kitchen and dining room. like the idea, but i'd style it slightly differentlly. i like the open "window" on top, but i would i have a fire place beneath it but would be a dual sided fireplace, so it would show on either side so i could watch a fire while i ate and cooked.

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Photo: PS Arkitektur Winter in Scandinavia means snow. here some pictures of a lovely mountain cabin kalled Skärven , from PS Ark.

John Wardle Architects - Australian Fireplace Designer

Fairhaven Beach House, Victoria, Australia - a warm heart of wood by John Wardle Architects The open sea, speckled with spots of surfers. It’s an ecstasy of sights from villa Fairhaven Beach House, on.

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Olson Kundig Architects

Delta Shelter by Olson Kundig Architects is a square-foot weekend cabin in the woods. Located in Mazama, Washington, the structure is basically a steel box on stilts that can be completely shuttered closed when the owner is away.

Cool, concrete fireplace in House Müller Gritsch, by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten of Zurich

Architectural composition of the fireplace and staircase, House Müller Gritsch by AFGH architecture architecture ideas

adaptive reuse of a cattle barn, sceened porch and tiny living area.

Adaptive Reuse: Turning Commercial Buildings Into Homes

an amazing outdoor space adaptive reuse of a cattle barn, shown with screened porch and office