Lotus Pursuit

Chris Boardman's Lotus Type 108 Olympic Pursuit Bike, designed by Mike Burrows.

※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※ ※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※★CHD54¸СOΜ★※라­이­브­바­카­라­사­이­트※

Kevlar Concept Bikes

Kevlar Concept Bikes~i Gadgets - The Very Latest Gadgets. I would like to have this bike

PSA 2033 6% volume 14 verso l'auto elettrica isin FR0010014845-bk1-peugeot-bike-concept1.jpg

Peugeot produces awesome automobiles, now they are also designing bicycles. The Peugeot Concept Bicycle is the latest, it is rea.

Beautiful bicycles featured on Culture Cycles of all sorts including commuter bicycles, road bikes, track bikes, cyclocross and mountain bikes.

Simple, Elegant, AWESOME!  Bravo!

The aim was to use a hubless wheel to create a compact bicycle, with the benefits of a large wheel and belt drive.Hubless wheels have appeared in bicycle concepts already, and were first invented b.

Photo by dopeillness

designer eric therner, formerly a partner at addi, submitted his new concept bike design to designboom. working with the swedish bicycle manufacturer pilen-cykel, therner created this concept bike based on lemans racers.

The Furture Is Here Crazy Custom Bicycles You Would Love To Ride (3)

BMW is not just a high end car and motorcycle manufacturer they also produce and develops amazing bikes or bicycles. Their concept bicycle.

Cool Bike :)

To shed the monotony of boring and lonely rides, artist Eric Tryon has found himself a skeletal companion astride his bicycle. The fully functional design of the bicycle with bare bones spanned across its length allows the head and the arms to move.

Bianchi c4 project.

"Smart Move“ _ The book for all bicycle enthusiasts: Photographer Bernhard Angerer presents 50 bicycles from the Embacher Collection.


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Tron's bike!

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name of design: urban cc* cross city design by: franz dinius from germany

fUCI road bike concept by Specialized Creative Director Robert Egger