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Funny pictures about Best of facepalms. Oh, and cool pics about Best of facepalms. Also, Best of facepalms.

Idiot level: 9759538589

Idiot level: Comforting to know during finals week that there are people out there dumber than I am :) SO FUNNY!

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID!It's OK to kill animals, God put them on earth for a reason!!! --- IT'S A FREAKING  FAKE DINOSAUR. DINOSAURS HAVE BEEN EXTINCT FOR A LONG TIME NOW PEOPLE<<<<<these comments are hilarious! XD XD hahahahaha

Steven Spielberg Has No Shame

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID!It's OK to kill animals, God put them on earth for a reason! << yeah some people are stupid, and I have no idea if that second comment I sarcasm or not 😐

Funny memes: He will never have a girlfriend

BEST thing EVER. "He will never have a girlfriend. told you!" Just laughed so hard!

Why my cooking Videos are doing so well! – Remmy Meggs Dot Com

people who cook worse than you. There are people who actually exist, that are worse cooks than me?

Meanwhile, Somewhere In The World http://ibeebz.com

Meanwhile in international stereotypes. Sweden and Finland are my favorite!

24 People Who Will Make You Feel Smarter~haha too funny! People are ridiculous

People are stupid. You are in no position to make fun of people if you can't spell "selfie" correctly. Faith in humanity lost.

Some of these I actually can’t see the difference

I can't even....

Funny pictures about Celebrity look alikes. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity look alikes. Also, Celebrity look alikes photos.

The phrase 'Safety First' means nothing to these 25 people... - quickmeme

Why women live longer than men. These 25 People Are About To Feel Serious Pain.