Shadowville. Michael Bartalos. NY: Viking Press, 1995

Lasse-skarbovik Love the idea of shadows running around at night without us. And the flat color block illustrations are so dynamic.

Boyoun Kim love the simple food illustration style

Another option that would used risograph printing that would be ideal for Birchbox would be making images of objects. I was thinking makeup items as this would really reflect what Birchbox is about in a funky design.

julia rothman… again from blog: The Jealous Curator - also includes link to a post from Julia Rothman relating the two year long process of creating the illustrated book, Hello NY

julia rothman… again (The Jealous Curator)

This beautifully illustrated love letter to New York hits shelves TODAY! Hello NY is a gorgeous passion project by Julia Rothman… a talented designer, illustrator, and of course, New Yorker.

Natalya Balnova / Silk screened book design - Principles of Jelly Making.

CHARLENE - inspo for your book of physical fads. (A Short History of Fysical Fads?) Natalya Balnova / Silk screened book design - Principles of Jelly Making

The book of dads

The Book of Dads: Essays on the Joys, Perils, and Humiliations of Fatherhood by Ben George

Symphony_City-wordless beautiful illustrations

Symphony city by Amy Martin. Winner of the 2012 Marion Vannett Ridgway Honor Award.

William Wondriska - innovating, pure and simple - impressive

A Long piece of String, by William Wondriska was originally created in 1963 and has been just republished. It might be interesting to have monotone images that change colour when scanned.

So, I ve been on a little creative spree this weekend and as regular readers of this blog will know am a bit of a planner addict. Add to that a sudden obsession with all things Alice in Wonderland …

Alice in Wonderland : Free Planner Printables

My 6 yr old would love this, I think. He has always been especially fond of Alison Jay illustrations.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Alison Jay.