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Ultraviolet Sword

Kult Of Athena - Swords - - Ultraviolet Sword - This unlicensed replica from the movie

DANE AXE, forged weapon

Batlle Axes were used in the early Middle Ages by the Vikings and Slavs much more often than…

A high rank officer's Dao, 17th-18th Century, China- restored by涤心斋古董兵器研究修复网

A high rank officer's Dao, Century, China- restored by涤心斋古董兵器研究修复网

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axes and pole arms: A. Hook Tomahawk B. Medieval Tomahawk C. French Tomahawk D. Viking Axe Tomahawk E. German War Axe F. Cast Tomahawk G. Foot Soldiers War Hammer H. Large Viking Axe I. Double Viking Axe J. War Axe K.

Long Beard Axe

Hand Forged Medieval Viking Axe by WulflundJewelry on Etsy. For more Viking…