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In case of Zombie Apocalypse:

These are some awesome examples of tricked out 'man caves' that I am almost jealous of. I am not a gun guy but the gun vault cave is wicked .

Still a little confusing as I know some people that fit most of these qualifying factors.

How To Identify A Zombie. It's very important to know the basics in an zombie apocalypse.

lots of girl guns

Lots of pink guns. I believe in carrying concealed weapons. I believe ALL guns should be pink, little, and cute, and should be issued to all women. That will make the bad guys feel silly carrying them. And think twice about hurting women.

Come the zombie apocalypse, you head for the gun store, I'm goin' to home depot.

A selection of funny demotivational posters. And there are hundreds of such pictures in our archive of demotivational posters. A selection of funny demotivational posters.

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Guns are like potato chips, . you can't have just one. Fear know no bounds.

lol this does not relate to me at all but this made me laugh so hard

Zombies are way more important. Holy Crap Thanks FJ! My plans for the future My plans for a zombie apocalypse urn" I HI ttntt. My plans for the future: >Survive a zombie apocalypse.


This poster is awesome! I can just hear Clint Eastwood saying "Seriously. Get off my lawn"

#guncontrol #gunshirts

I have a very strict gun control policy: if theres a gun around, I want to be in control of it - Clint Eastwood (But anyone who thinks solids background checks erode the Amendment is just plain stupid.

This should have been in the Gran Torino movie. LOL

Best sign for your front yard if you have anti gun neighbors. I don't have to worry about my neighbors. We all are armed :D

Gun safe coffee table

Diy coffee table / gun holder Again for Stan's future man cave haha

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Why Do You Need a Gun-- So true. I especially liked the Patrick Henry quote, had never heard that one before

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Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kiddies out. Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer. Personally, I like a nice gun cabinet but this is a good idea!