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[[MORE]]Things You Should Know Before Downloading: • Available for female teen-elder sims only •  Base game compatible • Hat compatible • Custom thumbnail included • Because the back half of this hair...

When : Svtfoe goes crazy Riverdale madness Miraculous season 2 Jack moving back to the USA Mark get married to Amy This would be my reaction IF THUS ALL HAPPENED

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fc: jacksepticeye ] "hey there, i'm sean." i say with a clead irish accent, "i am nineteen years old. i am quite a bubbly person and i tend to talk quite loudly." i chuckle.

I wish I had a freaking boyfriend like you

(Takes place in a school AU, and yes I know how much it has been done.) Sean Mcloughlin has started highschool in Irela.


It's not everyday God creates the kindest, sweetest, cutest, and most cheerful person ever.

(3/3)<<<<<I smiled when I saw this

I am so not fangirling.what are you talking about? He ain't the perfect man at all, Psh.

There's two sides of this man. Jack, who is loud, entertaining, and goofy. And then there is Sean, who will do everything in his power to show you that he cares. I look up to both sides of him so much.

This qoute show so much of jack in it and inpires me to do my best at everything because he is so appriciative of everything he has and put a smile one my face every day im happy that i can have him as a friend even though its only through his videos!

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JackSepticEye T-Shirt Idea - Speed Is Key by AlpinesGraphics on . Only Jacksepticeye fans will understand speed is key