Elvis Presley ♔during rehearsals for the comeback special , june 27 , 1968

'56 Comeback special

"During the show(s), Elvis decided to stand to play, adlibbing lyrics about having "no strap" to the tune of One Night." - - Lance LeGault, and Elvis (with Scotty's 1963 Super and Alan Fortas on stage in Studio 4 - June 1968 Photo © EPE, Inc.

The king

Elvis during one of the "Stand-up/Leather Suit" segmenst in his 68 Comeback Special, filmed at the NBC Studios on June 1968

1968 -- Elvis

Wallpaper and background photos of Elvis Presley - NBC's Comeback Special ★ for fans of Elvis Presley images.

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Elvis with Scotty Moore during "sit-down segment" of the 68 Comeback Special