Haha, I do that too! I did it for "Young ,Wild and Free" and some BTS and VIXX at my PC store lmao

I did it for "Young ,Wild and Free" and some BTS and VIXX at my PC store lmao<--- xD I like the idea. Might look like an action film if you put on skydive or one shot

For dramas too

kekeke all of us fangulls could totally relate neh?


This is actually true. I've beaten up my 'friends' cuz they called Jimin ugly. (but wtf why he's not ugly.

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Basically ............

Helpful life advice on how to exit a fandom. My new favorite thing. THERE IS NO EXIT

It makes me so happy to finally see NU'est being included in these things :) I used to see it just sometimes but now I'm seeing them more and more <3

Kpop fans can relate- HAHAHAHA, This is what Kpop does to your mind and life. xD once you become a kpopper, EVERYTHING reminds you of it!

This really is true. K-Pop idols are not air-heads or spoiled brats.  They work their butts off to get where they are.  I wish people would remember that before they comment on a genre about which they know nothing

one of the many thing that i love about kpop is how hard the artists work. yet, people dismiss kpop as being a weird group of untalented asians trying to copy other singers.


You show em' TOP. I'm pretty sure every Kpop fan in the world would want to date him.

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So true and funny meme about doing homework and getting distracted by Kpop- so relatable!