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*PURSATILLA ...The genus Pulsatilla contains about 33 species of herbaceous perennials native to meadows and prairies of North America, Europe, and Asia. Common names include pasque flower (or pasqueflower), wind flower, prairie crocus, Easter Flower, and meadow anemone.

Simply Beautiful flowers small pasque flower by Sandra Bartocha, via garden flowers

Chinese bell flower, Indian mallow, Velvetleaf

Abutilon - This plant is called Chinese Bell Flower, Chinese Lantern, Mallow, Indian Mallow and Flowering Maple

~~ Zinnia Queen Red Lime ~~

Zinnia Queen Red Lime--Another pinner: love this color with the queen annes lace. I hope I can plant these in our hot weather.

Dactylorhiza Orchids

10 Most Unusual Flowers

➶ The Spring Season ☔️ {everything Spring} ☔️ Pink Double Hollyhock - Hollyhocks are usually biennials yet can become perennials in colder areas.


ღღ I love this photo. The reflection of the color of the Hibiscus in the water. Would make a beautiful painting. ~~~ Hibiscus - Gorgeous Color The Colour Of the year "Coral Radiance"

If you love to create fresh flower arrangements, be sure to plant Sea Holly, Eryngium planum, in your garden. A popular cut flower since the Victorian era, Sea Holly is prized for its stiff steel-blue flowers that hold their color even when dried. The plants grow 2-3 feet tall and produce armloads of thistlelike blooms from June to September. This easy-care perennial is a sun worshipper that actually does best in dry, sandy soils. In fact, if you fertilize or over water Sea Holly, you might…

The 15 Most Underused Perennials

Plant these perennials that bring unique and pretty color to your garden. These aren't classic perennials, but rather unique flowers that will make your garden beds truly special. Our favorite perennials include baptista, malva, bergenia and sea holly.