Show mike (guest room bedroom set) Vintage Painted Cottage Aqua Chic Triple Mirror Vanity - Etsy I had a dresser very similar to this a long time ago, but never thought to paint it this way.

Soft gray antique armoire carving accented with white carvings, mirror... Magnificent!

A wardrobe armoire in shabby chic style is an elegant way to add storage space to your bedroom a touch of romance as well. A wardrobe, also known as an

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA!! (there are different ways something like this can be used! - one being, to hang the mirror on the wall, in a place where it reflects the greenery from outside!! - IT THEN LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A WINDOW!!

Framed wall mirror divine and romantic is must have detail for your shabby chic dream home. For sophisticated and inviting look keeping it chic and simple.There's so many beautiful shabby chic mirrors ideas but these are my favorites.