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Tim Minchin

Post with 63 votes and 873 views. Some of my favorite Tim Minchin Quotes

Some of my favorite Tim Minchin Quotes - Imgur

Some of my favorite Tim Minchin Quotes

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science, Evolution. "But evolution is only a theory!" ...Which is true, I mean, it IS a theory. And it's good, you know, that they say that. Because it gives you hope that then maybe they will feel the same way about the theory of gravity and they might just FLOAT THE FUCK AWAY.

Personalising each appearance, Tim Minchin is an hilarious and talented comedian and songwriter. Book Tim with the Champions Speakers agency today.

#Tim #Minchin  From now on you'll be my own, Judas.

Tim Minchin from now on you'll be my Judas.

#Tim #Minchin

From Tim Minchin's brilliant song "Prejudice" Get it as a tshirt here: [link] Only A Ginger

Tim Minchin- ditching political correctness & using humour to break taboo and draw attention to the issues we are too uncomfortable to address. Love ya Tim!

Questioning religion essay conclusion Free Religion papers, essays, answering religious questions and creating an open, ultimately coming to the same conclusion and that is there is no God.