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There would be a collective scree of delight from wtnv fans everywhere

and then "my husband, Carlos, and I, will be attending. we have brought the fire-proof umbrellas he made last week!

Is this what happened with Marconi? IS IT? (Also we need to talk about the logistics of Cecil's 'immortality'. Is he ageing very slowly? Did he stop ageing at his age? Is anyone else in NV immortal? Blood relatives of him, perhaps? Or is it just because he is the Voice of Night Vale? I have many questions and few answers. And those answers are to questions I've yet to ask.)

Okay, previous pinner talked about Marconi. Go listen to the podcast The Memory Palace, Episode 12 (These Words, Forever) and if you don't develop a new head canon and cry yourself to sleep then I don't think you have emotions.

I can imagine. "SCIENCE" "Carlos that Banner guy looks like you. "SO BEAUTIFUL" "I can agr-OMG TONY AND BRUCE IN THE SAME ROOM" "SCIENCE" "SCIENTISTS"

well thanks post i had to cover my mouth to avoid making some strange noise likening to that of a squawk, a loud gasp, and a dog that was just stepped on.


laughed so hard at this idk <-- protective Cecil is the best Cecil tbh


"That's a cat, Cecil.""No, that is an abnormally long hedgehog with whiskers! It doesn't even have poisonous spines!

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You start appreciating fan theories. Community Post: The 42 Stages Of "Welcome To Night Vale" Addiction

Carlos and Cecil ||| Welcome to Night Vale Fan Art

scholla: “ Late evening date As I promised few days ago, a little comic with these two dorks. I like the idea that maybe one day Carlos will change his lab coat for a casual jumper which would be a.