This 3 color poster was screen printed on heavy cream paper with acrylic inks for The Pixies. It was for Their show at the Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY in May 2015

Efterklang band poster, Julia Kuo

Efterklang band poster, Julia Kuo

carnival: design

Great themes and composition in these posters from Adam Hill (aka Velcro Suit).

The Avett Brothers: Forecastle Music Festival, Louisville, KY, July 14, 2013; by Status Serigraph

Black Keys, Dave Matthews Band & Avett Brothers Posters by Status Serigraph Release Details


Beautiful Gig Posters

Limited to 30 prints only. Brilliant Black Keys gig poster, designed by Ken Taylor - VERY limited screen printed poster. One of four designs used on the BK Australian tour.

Monsters of Folk / Delicious Design League

Monsters of Folk Austin City Limits screen print poster train

Collages by uncredited artist

Collages by uncredited artist