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Relatable Post - Looking at your best friend and saying, "I'll do it if you'll do it.

Great advice... relatable post

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

Right? ;)

me too so true relatable post teenager post. I'm not a morning person

Just figured out what "Bae" means lol

I seriously thought the same thing and wanted to punch people in the face. I mean, I still want to punch those people in the face, just no longer for this.

Or those people don't ask at all and just assume your okay.

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Please explain this to me because this has been becoming a daily reoccurence lately.


someone please explain this like mom nearly fucking kills me for coming out as atheist-agnostic and then an hour later "oh hey honey can you go unload the dishwasher thanks ily"

Short girl problems

What Attracts Men To Men

Short girl problems - Cara has her chair cranked up so high. She's short too though.

Dedicated to misery

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What I'll usually do if I don't know...

LOL funny fact true true story school i can relate so true teen quotes relatable test funny quotes I do that

Ever looked at your best friend?

Ever looked at your best friend and thought, "why aren't we comedians?" Yeah, Mingo why?

Just asked a group of random guys to rate a picture ... consensus was "hideous" ... I'm sure his prettier exes agree.  Lol #ibettheytexthimnonstop

Relatable Post Roses are red, Violets are blue. Faces like yours belong in the zoo. Don't be mad, I'll be there too. Not in a cage, but laughing at you.