gymaaholic: “ How Women Feel When Guys Are Watching Them Squatting Being a woman in the weight room is not easy, but fuck them. You’re on your way to greatness! ”

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I catch myself looking at myself in the mirror multiple times a day, not gonna lie. But not like this 😂 Gym humor.

annoying people | The 10 Annoying People You See At The Gym (INFOGRAPHIC) | Manolith

Personally I love and They are the inspirations that show you the work can be done & success is real, not just the cover of a magazine. So quit downing on everyone else & stop making excuses & go busy your butt, if that is what you want.

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weight lifting I love this so much, this is seriously how I feel. People can be so rude and annoying.

My husband - every night if it wasn't for me.

Part of the reason I work out is to get fit and build muscle. Another part is so that I have some freedom to eat what I want now and then and still get healthy.

An American In Montana: Reverse Psychology Thursday...

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or when u just at the gym minding ur own business and gym pervs be like, 'need a spotter?