summersunset fox tattoo...

summer sunset fox by RosaroterPanda. Fox as spirit animal: shy, intuitive, increased awareness, see through people/deception

Top 11 Beauty Geometric Tattoo Designs – Realistic Art From Famous Fashion Blog - Way To Be Happy (8)

Fox thigh tattoo Fox is an animal known for its cunning. People get fox tattoo not only for its charming and furry appearance but also for its symbolic… Continue Reading →

Lil fox

fox tattoo by Jon Beechly at Sacred Gypsy Tattoo in Bakersfield, CA. Cute, although I wouldn't want the face covered

Watercolor Tattoos - paper boat, paper plane

I Took The Greatest Risk In My Life And Became A Tattoo Artist

This is absolutely perfect!!!!!

Something like this, with rosemary as the plant and something else in the middle (though a fox seems fitting but obvious). Maybe an apple, A more delicate fox. To represent my Oma & Opa and my novel-in-progress.

Alexandra #fox #tattoo #orange #line #лиса

Tattoo by Alexandra

A sweet dotwork fox tattoo by Sophie Su Anika.

A sweet dotwork fox tattoo by Sophie Su Anika. Look for white rabbit ideas.