On my ankle. Maybe color the roses red?

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No outline red rose

Discover nature’s finest floral offering with the top 90 best realistic rose tattoo designs for men. Explore cool flower ink ideas from red to white.

I would do a magnolia instead because that's my sister favorite flower.

Actual red tattoo – watercolor look. Seems a little faded, but has potential. I like the overall shading

This but with falling petals

Ideas For Your Next Tattoo Tattoo Flash. Black And White Tattoos For Women Photos Of Rose. Black And White Grey Wood Cross With Vine Rose.

Delfts Blue round flower tattoo

Delfts Blue round flower tattoo

But a peony instead, maybe on my shoulder or arm

22 Adorable Floral Tattoos You're Going to Be Obsessed With

55 Thigh Tattoo Ideas | Cuded - maybe include rose petals falling down left quarter sleeve for continuity?

60 Thigh Tattoo Ideas

One of the most realistic rose tats I've ever seen. Not sure about those leaves.looks incomplete, and the style is a little disjointed from the realistic style of the rose. But that rose.

love this- even tho I want the one on my back of the neck removed I want another one somewhere else

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Multiple color rose   Guzman Perez

Rainbow coloured rose - This is one of my favorite best flower tattoos over the internet. Some love red roses, some love white, or blue, but a multi-colored tattoo beats them all! (One of Ellies tattoos)