I know it's not really a photo, but I love this.....artwork by François Henri Galland

François Henri Galland

comments from kim: colors are a bit too muted but like the watercolor and the couple kissing: artwork by François Henri Galland Watercolor is abstractly beautiful when it allows ones eyes to use imagination



Pierre Soulages (Born 1919 Rodez) "Lithography No. 14" Colour lithograph 1964 65 x 50 cm Fig. 48.5 x 50 cm

"It's fascinating to think that as soon as man came into existence, he started painting" - PIERRE SOULAGES - (Lithografie Nr. 14 by Pierre Soulages)

Pierre Soulages, B 1919 in Rodez  France Master of" outre-noir". All his paintings are named  "Peinture" + format

Pierre Soulages ( born 24 December is a French painter, engraver, and sculptor. In 2014 Francois Hollande described him as "the world's greatest living artist.