Printable Small Celtic Knots

Printable Small Celtic Knots

Proposed New Tree of Life

Well, folks, here it is: You may notice (or not) that I’ve made several changes. No Woven Border . I removed the woven Celtic border for two reasons: Originally, I had a chain of twenty-f…

Bottom right.  - JE

Dover copyright-free collection of iron-on Celtic designs (i have this booklet! from years ago! but nice to have an online resource for the patterns.

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This beautiful Celtic-inspired Holy Flame is an exclusive design created by Celtic artist Cari Buziak.


Celtic Knotwork inspiration: Celtic Knotwork RW Series In no way do you have to use any of these, though if you find one that inspires you.

How to draw a Celtic heart knot, step by step

How to draw a Celtic heart knot, step by step

How to Draw a Celtic Knot Pattern. It took a few tries before the directions made sense (no fault of the author), but now I love drawing these things.

How to Draw a Celtic Knot Pattern

Celtic Knots for Tangling or Coloring from Art of the Tangle

Celtic Knot Templates

Free Freeform Celtic Knot Templates for tangling, coloring, doodling. These are samples from the Freeform Celtic Knot Design class