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Stone Gardens: Funeral Card Friday - Margaret "Gret" Cooke #genealogy #familyhistory
Genealogy Subway Art Printable - great cover page for a heritage StoryBook!
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Several years ago, my preacher brought me the church attendance books. I can’t even remember now what he wanted me to do, other than get a current list of membership. I took it down to mama&#…
New Article!  Places to learn about your ancestor's occupation:  www.examiner.com/... via the National Genealogy Examiner

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Part 2: What Can You Glean From A Death Certificate? This is the second article in a series on how to research using death certificates. Part 1: How do you research using death certificates? covered names, place of death, marital status, occupation, and birth place. This article covers more strategies that will help you glean more information about your ancestor from the death certificate.
How To Start Genealogy Research For Beginners

How To Start Genealogy Research For Beginners

Using a timeline to solve a problem in family history
Cemetery symbols