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Old Stink Eye Whiskey Label - Boston Terrier

If you love Bostons the way I do, you'll recognize the look on this dog's face! Old Stink Eye Whiskey Label Boston Terrier Dog Art by rubenacker

128/365:  So let me get this straight  You say she went to Pet Smart without me????

One of the many forms of the Boston Terrier stink eye. I have gotten this stink eye look.

Lol I've seen this face before...that's what they were thinking haha

Suspicious Boston Terrier - My Sugar looks just liker this one and loves treats. I've had three Boston Terriers they are excellent dogs. I lost my Dixie on Mother's Day this year and we had to get another one for our other Dog.

Personal space

My Boston definitely doesn't know the meaning of “personal space.” haha so true but thats why we love em!

a Boston terrier puppy trying its paw at the piano

Some of the cutest pictures that bring out the ooooohs and awwwws include pets.and pianos. Thankfully National Music Week and National Pet Week happen at the same time! Enjoy this adorable Boston Terrier puppy on the piano.