Humans have evolved and their personalities manifest in physical form. You are widely feared and locked in a maximum security prison, because your body doesn't do this.

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Or, you could write from fourth person (The person narrating is dead) and it could be- She sat in the emergency ward, next to her body wondering why she hadn't been spared.

She suddenly felt cold breath streaming over the back of her head. When she turned, she was face to face with a creature of hell.

Eye contact was how they paralyzed you to do what they wanted. They couldn't touch you unless you made eye contact.

Writing prompt

writing prompt (this reminds me of Amy Pond who grew up with a crack in her wall so she could remember people that never existed and bring them to life just by thinking of them)

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You buy a large antique chest at a car boot sale. When you arrive home, you store some things in it. The next time you open the box, your items are gone and in their place is a note that reads, "Very intriguing.

One could probably do this as an analogy for Christianity.

Buying happiness.

One could probably do this as an analogy for Christianity.