Illustration by Noelle Stevenson

By Noelle Stevenson. I wish that whatever's happening to her in this picture would happen to me. Is she getting ready to teleport somewhere better? Into some dangerous adventure?

Noelle's anxiety cat backpack  DOWN TO SKETCH-BLOG 2012

Noelle Stevenson: I’M A DUMB BABY Me and some art school kids are doing weekly sketch challenges, this week was self portraits!

Noelle Stevenson (@Gingerhazing) | Twitter

Noelle Stevenson (@Gingerhazing) | Twitter

art from the upcoming graphic novel "4 Wizards" by Noelle Stevenson (Gingerhaze) & Todd Casey

4 Wizards is my next original graphic novel from HarperCollins, co-created with my pal Todd Casey, written by us both, and drawn by myself! Meet Hugo, Ivy (and her super-powerful villainous alter ego.

Noelle Stevenson: Lumberjanes

Molly from Lumberjanes