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Messy Bun - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips


The perfect slightly tousled sock bun - hair color

Another step by step easy bun! 1. Put your head upside down and put it in a pony. 2. Grab random big chunks and tease (back comb) not to much so its a tangled mess just enough to make it look a bit textured :) 3. Now wrap and spin (so as you wrap your pony around twist your hand so it creates a different effect nice neat but messy bun. 4. Pin the tail in, if there are any loose hairs open the pin catch them and put them down. 5. You have a bun :) yay!!! :)

Instead of using your socks to get the perfect bun try this donut call " The Sock Bun"You can pick from 3 different colors, black, brunette, and blondeas well as 3 different sizes small, med

Messy bun

From Top Knots to Sock Buns: Bun Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Updo hair and makeup headband The perfect messy hair bun ever!

Always Dolled Up: 20 Amazing Buns for Bad Hair Days

Very cute and easy up-do: fling your hair forward and start french/dutch braiding your hair from the base up. Stop where you want to tie up your hair, and put your hair in a bun/ponytail/braid! Wish I could actually do this and it look good

30 Unique Braids from Daily Makeover - Wrap your top knot with a some tiny, loose braids for the ultimate prima ballerina look.

30 Unique Braids from Pinterest

15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods bun + braid = love. braid the braid. messy up Bun and braid

Always Dolled Up: 20 Amazing Buns for Bad Hair Days.. OR when you always have to wear your hair up at work...

20 Amazing Buns for Bad Hair Days.Let's face it, we all have bad hair days. Here's to turning a bad hair day into a good hair day!

How to Chic: 12 NEW HAIRSTYLES TO TRY Daisy Crown #summerstyle

blonde w/ daisy flower crown

♥ messy buns && bandanas :) (Ellies personal fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!) lovelovelove messy buns! bandannas make it even better!

Country girl styled top knot Hairstyles for Long Hair

Festival Braid ~Pinterest: tealeblanc

The Braid Breakdown

cute braid - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

hair braid and bow ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring hair, hairstyles, hair styles, cabelo and peinados

waterfall braid with bow. once you learn how to do a waterfall it becomes simple. Cute look for casual days. To spice it up curl your hair after doing the braid.

Back to School: Hairstyles

20 Low Buns to Make You Forget the Topknot

Love the sultry Hairstyle, Love the make, Love the headscarf - -

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#Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know: ROMANTIC WAVES |  Step by Steps: http://www.irrelephant-blog.com/2013/09/how-to-blowdry-to-wavy-hair.html  #hairstyles, #how-to

8 Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know

How to blow-dry big waves. Get the how-tos by clicking on the photo. ~> I want big waves!

How To Do a Messy Top Knot (I'll have to try and see how it works...that is, once I grow my hair back) ;)

Beat the Heat: The Top Knot

How to style a messy top bun