Rapunzel's Father is my favorite disney parent ;_; his facial expressions make me cry too.

Rapunzel's Father is my favorite disney parent his facial expressions. And when he chuckles when he hugs Rapunzel when they're reunited.

This movie is soooo deep. Even though the king and queen never utter a single word, the emotion is so strong

Both the son of Zeus (Hercules) and Rapunzel were kidnapped as kids during the night. Do you realize that they were the son of King of Gods and the daughter of King and the Queen? Couldn't they protect them better?

I could get used to a view like this... Yep, I'm used to it. Guys, I want a castle.

"Guys, I want a castle." "We do this job, you can buy your own castle." I've got pretty much this whole movie memorized.


"Dont go stay with me Eugene! Flower gleam and glow let your, power shine make the clock reverse bring back what once was mine.

Because of course that's what you would say right after you thought you were gonna die! GAH, TANGLED<3

"Her hair glows! The hair actually glows! WHY DOS HER HAIR GLOW?" Eugene asks." Rapunzel stands with some of her soaking wet hair in her hands. "Why is he smiling at me?


Tangled - The King and Queen honor their missing daughter by releasing floating lanterns on the night of her birthday each year in hopes that one day, their Lost Princess will return.

You were my new dream. I could barely stand this when animated. Real life would either be super fake or too intense to handle <3

You were my new dream - And you were mine - Tangled - Rapunzel, Eugene

He is sure tangled in her hair get it because the movie is called Tangled

Day 11 - Movie That Makes You Laugh - Tangled - The 'I have a dream' song cracks me up. But, there are also lots of other funny parts too!