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Theres Always a Lighthouse Art Print

One of my fav games of all times Bioshock Infinite Poster Design - I wouldn't mind having this.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA If you play bio shock you will understand

BioShock Infinite Players Will Know. Like, really Elizabeth? The ending I couldn't handle though, I fell in love with Booker and I couldn't accept what happened :p

Bioshock Infinite - Andrew Gamble

pixalry: “Bioshock Infinite Fan Poster - Created by Andrew Gamble ”

Bioshock & Infinite - Never The End (Epic and Beautiful Fanmade Video) - YouTube

A fan tribute to Bioshock series. Music: Gender by Really Slow Motion This is Not The End by Fieldwork New Horizon by Ninja Tracks Zachary Comstock = Conserv.

This picture gives me closure. < in one timeline it may exist

Bioshock Infinite Comic - A better ending. In one universe Anna/Elizabeth and Booker are reunited in Paris thanks to the Luteces.

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth...

Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth finding coins in the middle of a fight *Facepalm* <--- Hey, man, it's good money.

(*** http://BubbleCraze.org - New Android/iPhone game is wickedly addicting! ***) Bioshock

(*** http://BubbleCraze.org - New Android/iPhone game is wickedly addicting! ***) Bioshock

*SPOILERS*. #infinite Easter Eggs. wow to the last one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TRlbBewdgE

Bioshock Infinite Easter eggs with spoilers Wow, I might have to play Bioshock just to hear Song Bird's scream.

Time rots everything… #bioshock #Infinite

'Time rots everything…' and yet she is still Elizabeth, she didn't really change. Innocent, Hardened, Femme Fatale Elizabeth: but she always stayed the same, trying to right the wrongs her father caused.