Hirari Ikeda w/ “SAD” Top, Ambush Claw Choker & DAMAGE Bag in Shibuya

Scary Tokyo fashion tokyo-fashion: “ Ran into the always-amazing Harajuku style icon Hirari Ikeda on the street in Shibuya. She was wearing a cropped “SAD” top with a DAMAGE bag, Ambush claw choker,.

Qiss Qill

Vanitytours: This is Senanan, the fashion designer behind the indie Japanese fashion brand Qiss Qill. She has lilac and blue hair, with a FRESH.AM cap, a bandana and a face mask from her own label.

Pink Hair, Glad News Sheer Dress, Sretsis Roller Skate Heels & UNIF Backpack

tokyo-fashion: “ Harajuku monster girl Asachill on the street wearing a sheer dress from Glad News with a UNIF flames backpack and roller skate platform heels by Sretsis.

Lisa in Harajuku // completely awesome as always

Heart Panic Guitarist in Harajuku w/ Pink-Blue Hair, Plaid, Stripes & Motionless in White

japanese tokyo street fashion harajuku style long socks platform creepers goth…

Street Style: the Fashion Overdose on the Streets. Miho & Maho w/ Pink & Blue Hair, Nikki Lipstick, Revolution Tomorrow & Pokemon in Harajuku Miho and Maho - Harajuku Twins – Tokyo Fashion News

Gothic Harajuku Fashion & Corset

tokyo-fashion: “ Yuka on the street in Harajuku wearing a goth look with fashion by the Japanese brand HellcatPunks, a corset, vampire handbag, and Yosuke platforms.

(100+) Tumblr

Despite the creepy gas masks, the dresses are actually quite cute. the accessory makes the outfit ;

Pink Hair, Pink Fashion, Amazing Nails Knee Socks in Harajuku

Pink Hair, Pink Fashion, Amazing Nails & Knee Socks in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

Julia on the street in Harajuku with pink hair, a pink sailor collar, a pink pleated skirt, knee socks, platform sneakers & amazing nail art.

Pastel-loving Harajuku Girl w/ Katie Fashion Tokyo Bopper Cute Pastel Katie Fashion in Harajuku – Tokyo Fashion News

tokyo-fashion: Pastel-loving Momoko in Harajuku w/ matching KATIE fashion Tokyo Bopper platforms.

tumblr_mj8fzkK9VX1s71dhao1_500.jpg 441×750 pixels …

I hate how people are judged on how they dress and what they listen to. Especially "goth or emo" people. You putting a stereotype on the world.