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Vinterdag på Dronning Louises Bro sold by Bruun Rasmussen, Copenhagen, on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vinterdag på Dronning Louises Bro was sold by Bruun Rasmussen, Copenhagen, on Wednesday, November

George Gardner Symons

Tucson Art Academy Online These paintings have inspired us for many years. We hope that they will also give you inspiration.

5 geometrics shapes                                                                                                                                                      More

They are geometrical forms which are said to act as a template from which all life springs. They are named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. To the Greeks, these solids symbolized fire, earth, air, spirit (or ether) and water.

A large outdoor installation of stringy rubber tubes that kids can tie into knots, or grab in bunches to climb or swing, or just run through! Blanton Museum of Art, Houston, Texas.

With the perfect fittings, your children room design can turn into a perfect harem for kids to play in and to have the style you e

cederberg, 14 july 2009

Page 207 · Compendium of Radness

Miss Moss is a means of curating and sharing my love for visual treasures – especially in the creative fields of fashion, art, design and photography.

Joy Charbonneau's Hydrological Map of Canada - The Gaspe and St. Lawrence

Vast, interconnected and stunningly beautiful: A view of Canada's waterways

A vast land stripped of imposed borders, latitudinal hierarchies and self-important markings of human settlement create a single image of astonishing abundance

Douglas Fryer: 2010

2010 Summer, x Last Light, x Hillside Farm - Virginia, x Winter Morning - Cache Valley, .

Original large abstract painting, modern art, acrylic painting on canvas, paintings, coral neon bordeaux yellow lemon green white painting

In a human-scale environment like this, we can save a lot of money.  At a government level; we do not need to pay for the upkeep of such wide roads.  At a business level; if the majority of our customers choose to walk, we also do not need to provide massive parking lots.  At an individual level; if we live there and can do most of our daily needs on foot, we do not need to own a car (or a second car).  That means everyone has more money to enjoy on everything else in life.

Let's Build A Traditional City (And Make A Profit)

Piscataquis Village: a sanctuary where walking and biking are the primary mode of transportation; a community of narrow streets where cars don’t intrude.

Coffin portrait from El Fayum, ca. 160 ACE. (Source: Staatliche Museen, Berlin.)

Les portraits du Fayoum (Egypte)~ she lived and died 2000 years ago, and was no different from us.

Permalien de l'image intégrée

Honore Daumier - Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, 1870 at The Courtauld Art Gallery at Somerset House London England

Katherine Parr's brother, William Parr (Hans Holbein sketch)

A portrait drawing of William Parr brother of Queen Katherine Parr, created Marquess of Northampton in (after Holbeins death).