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in honor of those who have battled or lost their battle to Huntington's disease

My husband and i are getting this tattoo as a small part of our right wrist.

huntington's disease tattoo - Hope never dies

Gonna do this one on my right shoulder or right ankle. But it will say "hope never dies" above it and below will day "cure HD"

like but double same or add another type heart

I Like the idea of This To Represent My dad's Memory. The Heart For My Dad Who Passed Away From Cancer. Done In lime green. Cancer Ribbon Heart With Swirls Tattoo

"Support for my brother with Huntington's disease"

"Support for my brother with Huntington's disease"

I love tattoos that mean something to that person

This tattoo was for HOPE for a Lupus Cure but would work well for juvenile Huntington's Disease too as the ribbon is purple, the colour Jacey Mukka adopted for JHD ♥

I want to die with the feeling there is a cure for Huntington Disease.

I am getting a tattoo in memory of my Mom who lost her battle with HD in have to keep fighting-I am adopted and will not get this.

Leukemia Survivor - Orange Ribbon - Butterfly - Tattoo

Leukemia And the butterfly that I always see when I need my pawpaw.

"No matter what, MS will not win. And I will keep on fighting."  Read more about our MS Tattoo submissions by clicking on the image

Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos

Angie Davis: I got my MS tattoo to remind me of the strength I need in my daily battle with multiple sclerosis. No matter what, MS will not win. And I will keep on fighting.

15 Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos

Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Tattoos

We asked you to send in a photo of your MS-inspired tattoos. The response—and the MS community—was amazing!