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Bodacious Earrings and Pendant by Deborah Roberti - forskellige farver i superduo øreringe

Free beading pattern for Bodacious Earrings and Pendant---Two-hole SuperDuo, seed beads, and 4 mm beads. It includes instructions and diagrams.

Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Free Beading Tutorial: Bethany Earrings.  Please consider donating $1.  If u use 2 step PayPal verification, you will need to use the desktop.

Look at how amazing these Beautiful Bethany DIY Earrings are. These delicate drop earrings have a stunning seed bead pattern that will make all of your friends jealous. Everyone will want to know where you got your exquisite beaded earrings from.


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Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Playing with my beads...Beth SuperDuo Earrings & Variation

(tut) (pic)Linda's Crafty Inspirations: Playing with my beads. In the four-set experimentation picture, love the third-from left! which is the same as the left one in the penultimate picture