Baby Orangutans enchant their moms just as much as human babies do their moms.

Orangutan mother dotes on her infant. So touching to see her expression.

A new baby orangutan at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas is pictured with its mother. The baby represents the third generation of orangutans at the zoo. Awesome!

This little baby Sumatran Orangutan named Maya was born to mom Dodie on…


Sophia, a orangutan, and her unnamed baby female enjoy the day at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Ill.

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The tiny Borneon orangutan - aged just 18 months - is seen cuddling up to his mother after tucking into a snack of fresh leaves .

Mother Orangutan and Her Baby.  Mama is shading the baby's eyes, as well as her own eyes, from the sun.

Hanging Around with a Baby Orangutan - ZooBorns “Apenheul Primate Park visitor JeanKern took these candid photos of Orangutan Wattana and her son Kawan enjoying a sunny October day.

Male Orangutan and baby

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Orangutan smiling while holding her baby - I don't think I'll ever be able to comprehend that amazing love and protectiveness that over animal parents (esp. mothers) when their babies are born. They seem to change in a trice.

Mwah! A kiss for mom...

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Mamãe Gorila com seu filhote

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Baby Monkey

Original fine art photographic print of an orangutan baby - by award winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas❤️

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