IKEA - PERSISK KELIM GASHGAI, Teppe, flatvevd, Hvert teppe har sitt eget, unike tradisjonelle persiske mønster.Håndvevd av dyktige håndverkere, og er derfor unikt.Langfibret ull gjør teppet ekstra slitesterkt, minimerer loing og gjør det naturlig blankt.Teppet har samme mønster på begge sider, så du kan snu det for å forlenge levetiden.Ideelt til stuen eller under spisebordet, siden det flatvevde teppet gjør det enkelt å trekke ut stoler og støvsuge.

PERSISK KELIM GASHGAI Teppe, flatvevd, håndlaget blandede mønstre blandede mønstre

IKEA - MARTIN, Chaise, Les chaises peuvent être empilées pour libérer de l'espace quand elles ne servent pas. 19.99€/pièce

IKEA - MARTIN, Chair, You can stack the chairs, so they take less space when you'

KNAPPER Specchio da terra  - IKEA

KNAPPER Specchio da terra, bianco

IKEA - KNAPPER, Standing mirror , Tired in the mornings? You can save time by hanging tomorrow’s outfit behind the mirror.To avoid clothes piles and extra loads of laundry, you can hang used clothes behind the mirror.Safety film reduces damage if gl


LÖVBACKEN Tavolino, marrone

IKEA LÖVBACKEN Side table Medium brown cm The distinctive grain pattern in the poplar veneer gives each table a unique character.

BILLSTA Tavolo bar IKEA Resistente e durevole. Risponde ai requisiti per un uso intensivo del prodotto.

BILLSTA Tavolo bar, bianco, bianco

IKEA - BILLSTA, Bar table, Durable and sturdy; meets the requirements on furniture for public use.Table top covered with melamine, a heat- and scratch-resistant finish that is easy to clean.Stands evenly on an uneven floor as it has adjustable feet.


IKEA PERSISK HAMADAN Rug, low pile Handmade assorted patterns cm Each rug has its own unique, traditional Persian pattern.

Dining Room Rug Ideas

Rug Ideas for Our Dining Area

IKEA KATTRUP rug, flatwoven Easy to vacuum thanks to its flat surface.

TJÄREBY Teppich flach gewebt  Handgewebt von talentierten Kunsthandwerkern; jedes Produkt ist einmalig.

TJÄREBY Teppich flach gewebt, blau Handarbeit blau

IKEA TJÄREBY Rug, flatwoven Handmade blue cm Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, each one is unique. Made in India in organised weaving centres.

Bikaner Kilim Rug

A beautiful Bikaner Kilim rug, hand loomed in India using traditional techniques. Consisting of wool and cotton, incredibly hard-wearing.

LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile - 6 ' 7 "x6 ' 7 " - IKEA

LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile, white, black

IKEA LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile White/black cm Ideal in your living room or under your dining table since the flat-woven surface makes it easy .

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Ajanta Enterprises- The Best Indian Queen Size Bedspreads Available

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PERSISK KELIM GASHGAI Rug, flatwoven Handmade assorted patterns 125x180 cm

Persian Pattern, Natural Rug, Pattern Art, Kilim Rugs, Sitting Rooms, Mongolia, Ikea, Weaving, Living Rooms

STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven IKEA The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table...

STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven, net pattern handmade, net pattern yellow yellow

IKEA STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven Handmade/net pattern yellow cm Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, each one is unique.