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Great craft for kids, using just cardboard, toothpicks, yarn and some beads. Easy to do in any shape!

This looks so cool all you need is cardboard toothpicks yarn and beads easy for other shapes too

How to DIY Yarn Woven Heart Shaped Basket #craft

How to DIY Yarn Woven Heart Shaped Basket

How to DIY Yarn Woven Heart Shaped Basket.Use this idea to make square and circular baskets as well

Follow this tutorial to create a circular weave.

Circular weave tutorial Talks about placemats. Or put several together with a space filler.

How To Make A Bowl From Confetti  http://craft.ideas2live4.com/2015/03/23/confetti-bowl/  Looking for something creative for the kids to make? Try this easy to make confetti bowl for their first project!  Could this be your next project with the kids?

what about just letting the kids throw confettie on a modge podged chair in a large clear plastic bag with a fan blowing in it! Crazy idea, would definitely have to try it beforehand!

DIY crafts for kids – miniature weaving. My class did this in art and it was really easy!

Miniature Weaving using embroidery thread, needles and a piece of cardstock - ". using a traditional weaving technique on a miniature scale, you can make tiny little weavings perfect for jewelery projects." or coasters.

Bigin how to make a woven box in any shape with cardboard and toothpicks/skewers.

Bigin how to make a woven box in any shape with cardboard and toothpicks/skewers.great for weaving unit

Renata Bustos

useful way to weave rugs. you can use yarn, cord, rope, or fabric scraps to make rug. make a super large loom from cardboard

Pasta decor?!? I am thinking a light globe or candle holder maybe?

DIY Pasta Tea Set DIY Pasta Tea Set - wouldn't this be a cute center piece for an Alice in Wonderland party or a tea party?

Шкатулка в форме сердца из бобин от скотча | Самоделкино


Recycled Tape Roll Made Into A Hesrt Shaped Box For Valentine's Day vashesamodelkino.

Circular Cardboard Weaving

SC: Sweetgrass Weaving - Circular Cardboard Weaving, one of my favorite weaving projects for kids

Faça um helicóptero de canudos de plástico, bola de pingue-pongue, pino, e uma garrafa de plástico. Atividade divertida de artesanato para as crianças.

25+ Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Chidren's Crafts - Make a helicopter out of plastic straws, ping pong ball, pin, and plastic bottle. Fun craft activity for kids. by Emel