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Lol. This kid is going places.

Some Words Of Wisdom To Live By

Funny pictures about Epic Trick Or Treater. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Trick Or Treater. Also, Epic Trick Or Treater.

Nerds and Geeks. Got some of both in me. Mostly nerd.

Go for the GEEK (16 photos)

God dammit some idiots ruin the entire thing-like seriously  people  we make these secret for a reason

God dammit some idiots ruin the entire thing<<< man. I liked being a ware wolf till THESE PEOPLE done messed it up<<<<these damn humans keep messing with the natural system.

unequal twins

unequal twins

unequal twins<<< I remember the other post where someone said 'why are you wearing the same clothes in both pictures' and she was like 'i haven't move for a year'<<< her shirt and computer are still on the chair

Oh my god, this is amazing! http://ibeebz.com

Next time on: Supernatural.(too bad it make think in Constantine? like, he didn't mess up the sigils and summon Nergal.it was because the other demon was in some teenager bathroom)<< I would bang that Satan tbh