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Join the Trek Side--we have cookies.<< A Trekkie did this to me and now I am one of them.

Join the Trek Side--we have cookies. Although, Trekkie was one of my first fandoms so it was more of a gateway fandom.

I would so totally read all of those titles

I would so totally read all of those titles<<< I just love these Narnian headcanons because I could totally imagine it happening

star wars tfa the force awaken finn

He was sanitation when he was on Starkiller base dammit, not the star destroyer.

awwww my son who's like 15 years older than me

He's so good at flying that I wonder if maybe the skills he struggles more with - the skills Leia is better at than pilot Hans or fighter Luke - are the skills Poe admires most, since they seem most difficult to achieve.

So basically the Federation has no idea what they're doing with all this science.

Star Trek funny -- The best thing is though, is that Doc Brown plays a Klingon in Star Trek III: Search for Spock.

That's what usually happens to names of important historical people (at least in my vocabulary).

But actually the Narnians still did remember the kings and queens of the golden age I mean the Professor told Caspian about it wven though he was technically not allowed to do so