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Adopted By 4 Crazy Boys

(Gif) Niall deserves an award for the worlds best laugh, an award for the worlds most adorable laugh, an award for being so adorb>>>AGREEEED!>>>>> Yes he makes you smile everytime he smiles/laughs it is so freaking adorable :)

lol. Robin and Barney were soulmates before they were soulmates.

How I Met Your Mother. Sick Barney always cracks me up, and Robin's annoyance makes it even funnier. Her face in the last one xD

I already pined this but I just had to again because,I love Niall no matter what!!!

I Have always loved Niall since way before he didn't have braces, to me his smile was beyond perfect without the braces, I will always love no matter what! Cheers to the directioners who loved Niall even without the braces!

I'm from Mexico, and I don't know the Lion King full song in spanish and Niall actually does. THIS IS TO MUCH FOR ME

Guys I'm taking Spanish next year. Now I just haveta figure out how to sing the Lion King. In Spanish. Wish me luck :)xx

In this diary you can tell all your secrets and fantasies about ONE DIRECTION…

In this diary you can tell all your secrets and fantasies about ONE DIRECTION, discover which of the boys is your ideal partner, imagine how it would be to meet the band backstage or just to doodle wi

[gif] i love narry because they are both in their own little worlds full of sunshine and happiness

Remember when Niall threw confetti in the air and Harry danced in it (gif) narry moment

One Direction on Ellen #celebrities

Ellen could be Nialls mum I swear! They are like twins omg creepy<<<Oh my gosh I know, right? lol XD :D

Oh Niall

Niall photobombing Harry and a fan<<< lol i was like aww that fan is so lucky she got a picture with harry then i was like aww that fan is so luck she got a picture with Harry and got photo bombed by Niall lol

P.S. if you didnt know i love 1D and 5SOS!!!@Luke Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings

Hahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha ok even if you not a direcrioner you have to admit this is kindof funny<<im laughing so hard i cant even breathe X'D

honey your soul can never grow old, it's evergreen and baby your smile's forever in my mind and memory. ♡

Imagine that you and Niall were dating and you guys were at his brothers wedding. He was the best man and while he was standing up there he look around to find you. When he found you he did this *watch till the end* xd