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(._.) What are thooooose

here come dat boi (o shit waddup)

Hetalia France and England  lol

I' dying because of Frances face XD

Countries and children. Hetalia Headcanons.  This would be a great cheat sheet on how to write the characters in this instance.

I hope I could be as cool as a guardian like Prussia, Belarus, Switzerland…

88a191ed048947dc3257125b91f1c41a.jpg (564×2978)

88a191ed048947dc3257125b91f1c41a.jpg (564×2978)

I honestly started crying...Everyone needs to read this, whether you watch Hetalia or not.

Hetalia support to make u feel better

add the world as friend? by kuroneko3132.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Nice cock I mean clock" was the best XDDD


Hetalia - Whoever did this is awesome. This scene is exactly like something from the show. Lol<< This is so funny. *laughing like America* THE PRINGLES MAN


The thing that makes me laugh the most is Americas face, he's like "don't really wanna do this, he'll kick my ass" XD <<< yep

where's the nearest orphanage by Dakt37 on deviantART .... I take that as a "No?". This is AMAZING

where's the nearest orphanage by on deviantART . I take that as a "No? This is AMAZING<Agreed.

French cuisine is over RIP Francis<< Matthieu! I mean Mac n' cheese is awesome, love, but you need necessities! WHERE IS YOUR MAPLE SYRUP.

Francis drops in at Matthew's place for dinner, and what are they having? This is not as far-fetched as you might think: it IS a Canadian stereotype to eat mac and cheese (particularly Kraft Dinner) all the time.

Shine bright like a Doitsu!!! I want a ranking of insane Internet fandoms. I need to see where Hetalia ranks. Lol.

Shine bright like a Doitsu! I want a ranking of insane Internet fandoms. I need to see where Hetalia ranks.

Haribo Macht Kinder froh, und Erwachsene eben so! (Sterben muss man so wie so, schneller gehts mit Haribo)

It's more than German flag candy.

*dies of laughter*

For all of your funny Hetalia needs.

Ivan Braginski headcanons - Google Search

China grab my scarf! Russia is ackin cray Hetalia

Hetalia Text Posts

Hetalia Text Posts >> There's now a Hetalia post in this board omg


Superwholock, Homestruck and Hetalia FUN song